INDUSTRIAL CLEANING industrial cleaning is dirty work; even maintaining offices in an industrial facility is demanding because dirt gets tracked in from factory floors. There are the challenges and safety risks of cleaning around heavy machinery, lubricants, paint, fiberglass and metal shavings. An industrial cleaner is a person whose janitorial duties consist of cleaning and maintaining a factory or other industrial facility. This labor-intensive job usually requires a high school education as well as on-the-job and safety training upon hiring. Commonly, janitorial work includes floor care, cleaning and restocking restrooms, removing trash, washing windows, and some maintenance or repair work on facilities or grounds An industrial cleaner performs both light and heavy janitorial duties in industrial settings, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and processing plants. Although basic cleaning tasks are included, the work differs from janitorial responsibilities in office buildings, retail outlets, residential buildings and schools in that it is often performed under uncomfortable or hazardous conditions, sometimes requiring the use of specialized machinery and safety equipment.